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Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

Q. How do I reduce my WorkSafe premiums?

A. Pacific Safety’s HR support and administrative guidance will help you reduce your premiums.

Q. How does my company complete safety pre‐qualification?

Does completing the pre-qualification process seem like the task of writing a 10,000 work essay and you just don’t know where to start, or have the time? We know the process and will guide you though, so you won’t have to pull that all nighter.

Q. How do I respond to WorkSafe orders written against my company?

A. We’ll review your orders and determine what will save you in the long run.

Q. How do I implement a contractor safety program?

A. Let us make sure everyone is checked in and checked off before they start to work.

Q. How do I implement a return to work program that’s effective?

A. Pacific Safety has step by step programs to manage timeframes for those returning to the workforce.

Q. How do I we implement a real safety program that isn’t cumbersome?

A. We work with you, to create practical solutions, that are easy to follow and step by step, so they don’t seem so cumbersome.

Q. How do I get prepared for a certification audit?

A. At Pacific Safety, we are prepared for certification audits. We make it our business to understand your worksafe needs.

Q. I bought an OH&S manual but it doesn’t work

A. We don’t just pull handbooks off the shelf expecting them to work for you. We create handbooks that will work for you.


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