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Adriana Almeida

Date: 3rd November 2020

Adriana Almeida is a Senior Safety Advisor at Pacific Safety Consulting Group. Adriana joined the Pacific Safety team in 2019, bringing with her a passion for health and safety as well as a solid background in industries as diverse as construction, oil and gas and telecommunications. She is an enthusiastic team player – something that consistently shines through in the partnerships she has built with both clients and colleagues.

Adriana holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety Engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She also has a graduate diploma in Safety and Risk Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her strong educational background has been reinforced by over a decade of experience working in the field.

Key Elements of Value

  • 10+ years of field work
  • Extensive experience in industrialized facilities including oil rigs and heavy construction
  • Expertise in facilitating risk assessment tabletop workshops

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