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WorkSafeBC & the Province Take on Asbestos Safety & Awareness

Date: 5th April 2017

Last month, the BC Government announced the formation of a cross-ministry working group to ensure that British Columbians are adequately protected from the dangers of asbestos.  This asbestos working group will take a broad approach and work  to identify, review and report on a range of issues around asbestos, including worker safety, building renovation and abatement matters, environmental protection, and public health and awareness.

The new working group will rely on expertise from:

  • Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour;
  • Ministry of Environment;
  • Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development;
  • Ministry of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing;
  • Ministry of Health; and
  • WorkSafeBC.

WorkSafeBC also started an Asbestos Awareness Initiative that includes planned inspections of residential demolition and renovation sites to ensure all involved are fully aware and are complying with the Occupation Health and Safety Regulation.

WSBC has also updated the section pertaining to the Inventory of Asbestos Containing Materials.  The update to section 6.4-6.66 & 6.32 Substance Specific Requirements:

  • Makes it clear that both Owner and Worksite are responsible
  • Adds obligation for Owner to ensure asbestos inventories are completed
  • Clarity on information required for inventories and retention of inventory records

Asbestos remains the number one workplace killer in British Columbia.


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